What: Lots of food, games, poetry, music, juggling, conversation, back rubs, silliness, fun.

Where: please send email to parties@nookery.org if you need directions.

Crash space: Is available. Let us know, early, though, if you need it. There is space for tents in the back yard. (though we don't recommend it for winter parties.

Friends: By all means, bring your friends, but check with one of us first, so we have more of an idea who is coming.

Games: We like to play games here, but we like people who don't, too. Lunar/Martian Rails, 7 Wonders, Kingsburg, Cribbage, Zendo, Race for the Galaxy, and Agricola are favorites here. Feel free to bring games of your own.

Children: Are welcome, but the house is *not* child-proofed. We mean it.

Alcohol: We don't need alcohol to have fun, and we would rather not have it. One of the denizens of the Nookery is very sensitive to the smell.

Smoking: Don't. Really.

Other: Please, NO ONIONS or perfume. If you have an allergy, especially a food allergy, let us know. If you bring something you have made, please provide a complete ingredient list, so that people with allergies can see for themselves whether they can eat it.

Parking: Driveway is reserved for handicapped parking. There is plenty of parking on the street, and the school parking lot three doors down should be available on the weekend.

RSVP: Deciding to show up at the last minute is cool. If you're sure you're coming, please let us know so we can make plans for food and stuff.

Saria has a deep fryer and can generally be talked into frying all sorts of things, if she has prep help and it's not too cold to sit outside. The most common things fried around here are:
• chicken
• french fries
• donuts
• funnel cake
• mozzarella
• bananas

If you would like to help out with preparations, and/or if you have a food you want to try frying (no onions), let us know in advance so we can plan.